From Happy Parents

“Although North Star Montessori is a new school, Jane and Maureen have been devoted to educating and nurturing our children for many years now. It is impossible to overstate what their combined experience brings to the table when giving our kids the best start in their education. The children receive individualized attention and encouragement. North Star Montessori is laying the bedrock for a wonderful education for our children, and we couldn’t be happier!”

Sarah and Chris

“Educating our children with Jane and Maureen was the best possible choice we could have made for our two daughters. Their classroom was bright, nurturing, and calm. Yet within the confines of their classroom, the children traveled the world, experienced joy, created enduring friendships, and learned to care for their classmates and themselves. When the girls aged out, my two confident little girls were very well prepared for their new school.”

Yuki and Jason

“There are teachers you remember from your childhood who you will remember for the rest of your life. Jane and Maureen are most certainly two of those very special teachers our son will always remember, as will we. The care and individualized attention he received is unparalleled to any school he’s ever attended. He has made incredible strides in his learning and is always excited to be challenged with new and different works. He constantly talks about his teachers and what he’s working on in school and without Jane and Maureen’s guidance, that wouldn’t happen. Their communication with parents is always welcomed and insightful. Jane and Maureen exemplify what it means to be a teacher and without hesitation, we would highly recommend them to anyone considering entrusting them with their child’s education.”

Dave and Keri